offlimits coffee - kasol

Hemp x Coffee x More

Nestled in the heart of Kasol, Offlimits Coffee is your go-to spot for good vibes and great views. With a chill bamboo theme, it’s the perfect hangout for everyone – groups, friends, families, or even solo explorers. Picture this: sipping your coffee with a direct view of the mighty mountains – that’s Offlimits!


For the book lovers, we’ve got an in-house library – a cozy spot to unwind with a book and your favorite coffee. 


And here’s the cool part – our menu is all about customization. Just ask our friendly crew for hemp-infused, vegan, or gluten-free options. We’ve got you covered!


So, whether you’re here for the mountain panorama, the boho vibes, or the tasty hemp treats, Offlimits Coffee is where simplicity meets the latest trends in Himachal. Come, chill with us in Kasol!